Announcing Klocwork Insight 10-SR6

Insight 10


New: Announcing Klocwork Insight 10.0-SR6

August 12, 2014 - Klocwork announced the availability of Insight 10.0 Service Release 6. Among the improvements and new features in SR6:

Accessing Support

Klocwork Support account-holders can create and view their support requests 24x7, participate in forums, access technical notes and download software.

If you have an existing support account, log into Klocwork Developer Network to access all that Support goodness.

Currently, Klocwork Insight 9.x is downloaded from, and Insight 10 is downloaded from

Support Resources

Support Policy Overview

For Klocwork Insight and Cahoots we provide telephone, on-line and email support on technical issues during business days.

Online services include our ticketing system, forums, documentation archives, release installer and patch downloads and file-transfer services.

Cahoots Support

Klocwork Cahoots. Code Review Like a Boss.

Support for stand-alone Cahoots is provided through the Forums at

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