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Announcing Klocwork Insight 10-SR6

Insight 10

New - Announcing Klocwork Insight 10.0-SR6

August 12, 2014 - Klocwork announced the availability of Insight 10.0 Service Release 6. Among the improvements and new features in SR6:

  • The entity_id field was added to the Web API output for the Metrics action, allowing entity metrics to be compared from build to build.

There is no patch installer for Klocwork Insight 10.0-SR6. The full product installer will install the service release correctly, when the previous version of Klocwork Insight is already installed. Customers with Download permission and active maintenance can learn more, and download Insight 10 from the Downloads page, here on Klocwork Developer Network. You will need an Insight 10 license (not an Insight 9.x license). Contact Customer Support if you need a new license.

September 18, 2013 - Klocwork has announced the release of the latest version of our flagship Source Code Analysis product, Insight 10. With key new features and improved performance, Insight 10 extends its on-the-fly desktop analysis capabilities to a new level.

Highlights of Insight 10 include:

  • Additional security and defect checker sets and taxonomies built in, plus the ability to build your own taxonomies using the new taxonomy design feature
  • Pre-packaged knowledge base support for popular open source libraries, plus Java 1.7 support and full stack support for Android structures
  • Built-in support for C++11 refactoring, with single-click copy/paste functionality
  • Integration with Cahoots, our easy, fast and social Code Review tool, as well as integration with leading 3rd-party Code Architecture tools.

Learn more at

Announcing Klocwork Insight 9.6-SR6

New: November 21, 2013 - Klocwork has released Service Release 6 (SR6) for Klocwork Insight 9.6. This is available as full installation packages for all platforms. Although there are no patch installers to upgrade from earler versions of Insight 9.6, the full installation packages can be used to perform this task.

Customers on maintenance can learn more, and download Insight 9.6-SR6 from the Downloads page.

Klocwork Acquired by Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave Software

January 9, 2014 - Customers will continue to receive the same outstanding service for Klocwork products while benefiting from the depth of Rogue Wave's products and resources.

Learn more ...

ISO 26262 and IEC 61508

ISO 26262 and IEC 61508

July 09, 2014 – Klocwork today announced that ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications for Insight 9.6-SR4 have been renewed with Certificate No. Z10 14 07 89117 001.

Sept. 09, 2013 – Klocwork today announced that Insight 9.6-SR4 has received both ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications. Both certifications are critical to the automotive industry in defining the functional safety for automotive equipment throughout the lifecycle of all electronic and electrical safety systems.

“These certifications mark a significant milestone in the continuing evolution of Insight. As embedded software becomes more complex and more pervasive in automobiles of all types, controlling ever more critical aspects of the operation of these vehicles, it is imperative that stringent standards be adhered to in order to protect the security and integrity of those underlying systems and the vehicles themselves,” said Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork CTO. “When using Insight as part of their software development process, automotive suppliers are able to analyze their code as it is being written, and detect and fix any vulnerabilities or defects that arise, ensuring full compliance with these standards is being maintained,” he continued.

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Announcing Klocwork Cahoots

Klocwork Cahoots. Code Review Like a Boss.

May 06, 2013 - Klocwork is pleased to announce the launch of Klocwork Cahoots - a flexible and easy-to-use peer code review tool that simplifies the code review process. Language-agnostic and designed for development teams of all sizes, Klocwork Cahoots fits into the developer workflow to ensure code reviews are both effective and fast.

Give Klocwork Cahoots a try with our 30-day free trial available here.

See the documentation at Cahoots Documentation.

To learn more, visit the Cahoots website.

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